Thursday, April 28, 2016

Erotic Art — Marilyn Monroe "Is That for Me?"

“Is That for Me?”
by Cornnell

  Well then, I’ve got Something for You Too!

Good Moaning Everyone! Lots to do today (as usual) and very little time to do it in (sounds sexual)! This illustration starring my parody of Marylin Monroe is one of many illustrations that I have to complete (wish me luck)! Also, I will be posting a special Power Girl pinup  on eBay today. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow!

Plus, Bidding on "Death is a Lady..." starring Lady Death ends this Sunday May 1st at 5:04pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)! Don't miss your chance on picking up the original illustration!
New posts everyday 8:30am (Eastern Standard Time) in the meantime, take a look at all my original pieces that are up for auction here.

More to cum soon!

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