Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Erotic Art — Peanut Butter VOL. 3 "That's When I noticed it..."

"That's When I noticed it..."
by Cornnell

Shit! The Size of That Thing!

I couldn't believe it! Right in front of the class he had this ridiculous hard-on and even crazier was the fact that he just continued teaching as if nothing was wrong...

Apologies everyone for the late post, as usual, I've had quite a bit of work to do and very little time to accomplish it. Anyway, here's a look at the second page of chapter 1 from Peanut Butter Vol. 3. Although this scene takes place in collage, it does remind me of all the little shenanigans that used to take place when I attended Catholic School...

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More to cum soon!

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