Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Erotic Art — Alice Mitchell "What's That, Dennis?"

What’s That, Dennis?
by Cornnell

I Forgot, Something?

Don’t Worry, the men at the club tonight will point it out with their Big Black Cocks…!

Whew! It's been a rough week so far. I've got a mountain of work (as usual) and very little time to accomplish it. Part of the problem (after taking a step back and looking at everything) is my pension to mismanage my time. 

Well, anyway, check out today's auction, starring my parody of Alice Mitchell from Dennis the Menace  fame. Bidding on "What's That, Dennis?" ends today at 3:51:13 PM (Central Standard Time) or roughly seven hours from the time of this blog post. I'm currently working on said piece and should have it completed well before the auction ends. Check out my InstaGram or Tumblr to keep updated on its progress.

New posts everyday 8:30am (Eastern Standard Time) in the meantime, check out my Patreon and get up to 35% OFF my graphic novels and auctions! Also, take a look at all my original pieces that are up for auction here.

More to cum soon!

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