Sunday, October 19, 2014

Erotic Art — Super Girl "What Is It?"

"What Is It?"
What are you looking at Kal-El?

Here is that Super Girl that I promised. Wanted to do it as a full color piece but, I'm running out of supplies. Oh well, maybe next time... Still, overall, a fun piece, even if I'm a bit dissatisfied with it... Enjoy!

Bidding on "What Is It?" starts at just $10 or you can BUY IT NOW (must be the first bidder) for just $20! Auction Ends:  10/21/2014 3:02:01 PM (Central Standard Time). Also view my other illustrations that are available for sale / auction.

Feel free to leave me your suggestions / ideas (bellow in the comment section). More to cum soon!
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Django said...

Guess what. I went to that auction site.
You must understand I'm from the Netherlands. Percentage wise those payment options(with those cards) are hardly used overhere.
I myself dont use those cards.

I think its restrictive client wise.

Urban Jointz said...

Well, I try to be open as far as payment. Which is a more common form of payment in the Netherlands? I do accept PayPal which offers multiple ways to receive payment.

Urban Jointz said...

Wait a minute, do you mean the payment options require to enter the site? If so, I completely understand. The site itself doesn't take PayPal. Something I need to speak to them about. In the meantime, I will be posting some illustrations on eBay starting this Tuesday the 21st. Since they take PayPal it should be easier for you to bid on my work. Hopefully this helps.