Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Explicit Art — Red SonJa "Run With The Bull..."

“Run With The Bull...”
by Cornnell

  The Bull Don’t Change… The Bull Just Runs his Big Monster Cock up Your Gut!

Originally I had decided to wait until tomorrow to post this (at my regular time) but, I really love the results! My one nitpick (among many other little nitpicks) is the fact that I wasn't able to do it completely in full color. Not only can I not afford the COPiC Sketch Markers necessary but, at this moment, there happens to be a shortage of said markers (according to COPiC and Dick Blick). Anyway, bidding on "Run With The Bull..." ends on Sunday May 8th at 4:41pm

New posts everyday 8:30am (Eastern Standard Time) in the meantime, take a look at all my original pieces that are up for auction here.

More to cum soon!

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