Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Explicit Art — "Looks Like Harley is in Trouble!"

"Looks Like Harley is in Trouble!"
by Cornnell

Then Again, she Really Doesn't Mind...!

"You, Urnh! Need to stop being such a bad girl, Harley!" 

"Never Bats! No matter,  Ahn! how many times you keep, Uhn! Stretching my ass, Golly! and pussy with that Big White Cock of yours, I'll never, Ahn! stop being a bad, I'm Cumming Again!!!  girl!"

Apologies for the late post, got a bit distracted with Resident Evil IV (ahh the memories...). Anyway, here's an original piece starring Batman and Harley Quinn that I just recently finished for a client. Feel free to pass along any ideas you may have for an illustration and or leave a comment bellow. In the meantime, look for more from Peanut Butter Vol. 4, tomorrow. 

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More to cum soon!

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