Friday, October 14, 2016

Erotic Art — Bettie Page "Hey Sugah..." (final art)

Hey Sugah…
by Cornnell

What do You Think?

Does this tight, white pussy give you any ideas?

Here is a look at the finished version of “Hey Sugah…” starring my parody of The Queen of Curves, Miss Bettie Mae Page! Wanted to do this in full color but, (as usual) time and expenses (the cost of markers) were prohibitive. Which reminds me, from this point on and into the foreseeable future, I'll be illustrating mostly in black and white unless said illustration is done digitally.

On another note, I have two illustrations that I'm working on today that are available for auction. First one up stars SuperGirl and the second one stars Miss Martian. Bidding on "SuperGirl Gets Smashed" ends today at 4:27:09 PM (Central Standard Time). Meanwhile, Bidding on the second illustration with Miss Martian "Woah!" ends today at 4:52:14 PM (Central Standard Time).

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More to cum soon!

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