Monday, December 5, 2016

Explicit Art — Raven “Grrr… Come On…!”

"Grrr... Come On...!"
by Cornnell

You're Uhn! Not Ahn! That Big!

At least not Uhn! as big as Ahn! My Daddy!!!

Finally completed this one! I'll be posting “Grrr… Come On…!”, starring Raven from the Teen Titans, for auction tomorrow December 6th on Naughty Bids! If you're interested in bidding for the actual art please note that if you are the winning bidder and happen to be Patrons who've donated $5 or more, you'll be able to purchase this illustration at a discount!

For access to the uncensored version of this illustration join my Patreon! More to cum soon!

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More to cum soon!

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