Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Erotic Art — Red SonJa “So Tell Me, Warrior…”

“So Tell Me, Warrior…”
by Cornnell Clarke

Are You Worthy of This Ass?

Are you worthy of this pussy? Are you worthy of all the pleasures that this body has to offer? Then prove it! Show me what you can do against the Blade of Red SonJa!

Here is a peek at the final art for So Tell Me, Warrior.... My wonderful Patrons get the following:

  •  Tier 1— jpg file
  •  Tier 2— 720p png file
  •  Tier 3— 1080p png file
  •  Tier 4— 2070p png file

PS     Look for a digitally painted version of this one later this month plus, voting for Full Color Pinup of the Month (apologies for the delay) is on its way!

More to cum soon!

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