Saturday, August 5, 2017

Erotic Art — Cookie Bumstead “Well Daddy, I’ve Done it…!”

“Well Daddy, I’ve Done it…!”
by Cornnell Clarke

I’ve Graduated High School!

After this summer, I’m off to college, you better as well enjoy my company while you still can!

Check out the uncensored version of "Well, Daddy, I've Done it...!" starring Cookie Bumstead, here. My wonderful Patrons will get the following:

  •  Tier 1— 488p jpg file
  •  Tier 2— 720p png file
  •  Tier 3— 1080p png file
  •  Tier 4— 2070p png file

Join my Patreon and get the uncensored versions of all my illustrations and a free copy of Urban Jointz Vol. 1!

More to cum soon!

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